Daytime activities

Cricket Masterclass: Darren Maddy
Ever wondered what it's really like to face Shane Warne or Muttiah Muralitharan? With the School’s new Merlyn bowling machine we can create just that! Join former England cricketer Darren for a Batting Masterclass.

Maths: Fractals, Geddes Cureton
What have clouds, broccoli and lightning got in common? They are fractals! Find out about these naturally occurring, but fascinating, structures with the help of a small population of fish and some numbers that don't exist.

Psychology: Memory, Happiness and Solihull School, Tom Emmet/Mary Montgomery 
Can you recall your classmates? Did you enjoy your experiences at school?
We will explore the nature of memory, how it is related to happiness and your memory of Solihull School. Be prepared to rack your brain and question just how happy you were at school.

Economics in One Lesson, Anthony Bussey
An opportunity to attend a non-traditional interactive Economics lesson, where you will be asked to put into practice your skills of co-operation and competition. No specialist knowledge is required, although nimble fingers will be an advantage!

Art: Figure Drawing, Donna Trim
The figure drawing workshop will provide an opportunity for guests to draw from a clothed figure using charcoal and chalk. There will be a short 'warm up' session followed by a longer pose. No previous experience is necessary as help and guidance will be offered.

Art: Still Life Drawing, John Nickson
The still life workshop will be created from 'school related' objects. Guests will be able to draw from the whole arrangement or just a small section of it using their own choice of media. No previous experience is necessary as help and guidance will be offered.

Philosophy: Philosophy Speed Dating, Laura Rutherford
Debating issues of philosophical and ethical interest from the Ancient Greeks right up to the dilemmas posed by modern science in an informal and relaxed format.
Can we stop thinking? Does morality come from the law?
Come prepared to have some debate . . .

Science: The Physics Roadshow, Messieurs Wormald, Lloyd and Rowson
Your former teachers return from retirement to test your common sense. They ask you “What Happens Next?” as they argue between themselves in a series of very simple looking experiments – but things are not always as obvious as they seem!

Food Technology: School Dinners with a Twist, Helen Hallworth
Do you reflect fondly on school dinners or do you think there was room for improvement? Come and join us to create a traditional school pudding with a modern twist.

Jewellery: Gemstone Pendants, Lydia Wolsey
Create your very own piece of jewellery using sparkling crystals, acrylic rhinestones and colourful beads of your choice. You will be given a gift bag to store your pendant safely too.

The Master's Memoires: Denis Tomlin and John Loynton
Come and listen to the Master, Denis Tomlin, talking to the School's Archivist and former History teacher John Loynton, about his fond memories of the School.

Drama: Monty Python's 'Spamalot', Jean Wilde
This year our musical is Monty Python's 'Spamalot.'  We have dancing, singing, a fabulous stage design, wonderful costumes and lots of silliness. We will be rehearsing sections of the play that we feel need a little more work!