Provisional list of trips & prices

Day Trips

In a typical year the following day trips may take place:


                        Woodlands (PSHE)

                        Cannock Chase (Geography)       


                        Castleton (Geography)

                        Black Country Museum (History)

                        Cirencester (Latin)

             German market (German)


                        Bath (Latin)

                        Keble College (Scholars)

Lower Fifth

                        Malvern (Geography)

                        History Films (Cineworld)

                        Theatre Trips

Upper Fifth

                        Oxford University

             Science Live

             Mathematics Lectures

             Holocaust Centre (RS)

             Theatre Trips

Sixth Form

                        Biology Field Trip (£200)

                        Geography Field Trip (£300)

                        Politics trip to Parliament

                        Hampton Court (History)

            Hockey Pre-season Training

            Academic Retreat (Mountain Cottage)

            Politics Conference

            British Museum (Classics)

            Cold War Museum (History)

            Theatre Trips

Overnight Trips

The distribution of overnight trips over year groups does change and it is not always possible to predict whether a particular trip will still be running in seven years time. However, below is a list of typical overnight trips. Prices are only approximate.



Senior Rugby Tour  -  South Africa   £2800 three weeks  UV to UVI  
Girls' Hockey & Netball Tour  - Singapore  £3000 two weeks UV to UVI  

Boys' Hockey Tour - Holland

£700 one week  LV to UVI
Cricket Tour - Sri Lanka  £2000 two weeks  Shells to LV



German Trip - Berlin 

£450 one week  LVI to UVI
Classics Trip - Greece £950 one week  Shells to LVI
History Trip - Washington DC  £1300  one week LV to UVI

Geography Trip - Iceland 

£800 one week LV to UVI 


World Expedition - Mountaineering 


four weeks UV to UVI

Drowsy Water Ranch - House Riding 

£2800 ten days  Shells to UV 


















Boy’s Hockey Festival U19 

£200 two days UV to UVI
CCF Summer Camp & Training Days  from £20 2 days - 1 week IV to UVI
U15 Rugby Tour to France  £800 one week



Dof E Expeditions Bronze to Gold  £200 one week  IV to UVI
Choir Singing  free one day  Thirds  to UVI
USA/France Ski Trip £1200 one week IV to UVI
Austria Ski Trip  £1000 one week  Thirds and Shells
Academic Retreat – Academic Work  £50 four days LVI to UVI
Spanish Trip to Madrid x2 £500 one week 


UV to UVI 

Spanish Exchange  £500 one week  IV to UV
French, Chateau de le Baudonniere £600 one week  Thirds & Sixth Form
German Exchange   £500 one week  Shells to LV
Engineering Education Scheme  free four days  LVI
French Trip to Paris  £500 one week  Shells 

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