Reunion Day 2014 

During our Reunion Day 2014 we asked our guests to tell us their favourite memory of their time at Solihull School. Below are some of their responses.
Do you have any other memories of your time at School? Please let us know..... 

'The atmosphere of the place, which instilled a work ethic in me which is still with me now!' - Jon Fellows, 1967

'Every day held great memories. The best has to be greeting the first group of girls to enter Solihull School. I was the first VI Form Girls Tutor and it was such an exciting day for both boys and staff!!' - Ann Gooding, former staff

'A very friendly Common Room 1974-83. Students who were keen to learn - well behaved and a pleasure to teach!' - David Gooding, former staff

'Miss Pearson telling me I throw like a girl!' - Emma Narroway, 2005

'Cream slices in the tuck shop' - Anthony Belcher, 1970






'Learning maths under "swotty" Ansell (started in detention at the back of his class)' - Paul Instone, 1944

'Our son getting 3 good A Levels!!' - Lorraine Johnson, parent and former staff

'Trip to Tibet in 1999' - Ed Bower, 1999

'The famous Turnbull manhole incident' - Stuart Jenkins (Thorpe), 1977

'Being involved in everything the boys and the School did' - Shirely Gummow, parent

'Custard on puddings (to keep it hot in the metal tray!!!)' - Amanda Hards, 1985

'Friendship' - Max Reeve, 1974

'Watching the annual school plays in Big School' - Peter Turner, 1960

'Wandering around at break time, chatting to friends, reading the newspapers in Big School corridor . . .' - Andrew Bower, 1997

'Playing rugby and cricket for the School and being in Joseph' - Quentin Tchakhotine, 2004

'Football at lunchtime on the pitches in the summer' - Adam Lowndes, 1998

'Visit of HRH in early 1960's' - Graham Bragg, 1969

'The total ambience of the School' - Robert D. Elder, 1945

'Music. Performing in the Bushell Hall / Old Music School' - Dr. Lee Aye, 2003

'Being taught by "Timber Johnson" - Roger Langstone, 1951

'Chemistry with Mr. Arculus' - Ian McWhirter, 1966

'Learning for LIFE and many friends' - John M Davies, 1946

'Ballroom dancing lessons!' - Naomi White (Hames), 1988

'Working in the Fort' - Geof Beesley, 1985

'Art classes / life drawing with Mr Nixon!' - Sophie Horvat, 2006

'Fellowship with other boys over 9 years' - David R. Patterson, 1949

'The staff pantomime "Aladdin" - Darren Gandley, 1985

'Taking part in the Guys and Dolls musical, helping out behind the scenes and the after show party' - Rob Moriarty, 2001

'Winning the Headmaster's Prize for Art and Architecture' - Ronald E. Leek, 1952

'Sound crew (Big School Productions) and excellent physics teachers (still in contact 17 years after leaving)' - Ed Gummow, 1997

'South African Hockey Tour 2004' - Mallory Percival, 2006

'Playing Gavroche in Les Miserables' - Daniel Super, 2009

'Being presented with the Bushell Trophy on its first award' - Christopher Paul Fellows, 1966

'Lunchtime breaks in the shade of the trees' - Norman Staines, 1955

'Breaking the ice on the swimming pool!' - John Roy Brownsword, 1942

'Lying on the grass at the edge of the cricket path watching the 1st team play after I'd just swam for the School' - Tim Hames, 1983

'Running down a mountain in Wales on Mountain Cottage Trip' - Matt Gough, 1985

'Winning inaugural house music competition' - Graham Hames, 1959

'Mrs Rolls Geography lessons' - Ben Taylor, 2006