Reunion Day 2014 Feedback

Sorry I'm rather late with this, but I do want to say thank you very much to you and the other organisers for making the Reunion Day such an amazing occasion. I guess one reason why I have been a bit slow off the mark is that it has taken time to digest just what it means for me to be back in touch with people and a place I have not had any contact with for well over 30 years.

I have to say that it is entirely down to you and your new office that I have reconnected with the school at all. For far too long, I have not felt any real connection, apart from many happy memories from long ago, but your efforts have made me feel that I do belong after all, and persuaded me that I would be welcome to visit. I am so glad I did!

At last I have made time to send my heartfelt thanks for all those who must have been involved in such a comprehensive day and in the friendly and very warm greetings you and others gave me.

Apart from the superb new buildings of their time (pity though for the need to alter the completeness of 'The Quad'),  there is now one overwhelming change in the 'feel' of the school. It is that there is a much more gentle and 'all together feeling' and now a place where pupils and teachers are much more on level terms with each other, rather than 'master and inconvenient pupils', as in my day.

I would just like to commend you on the organisation for a fantastic Reunion Day last Saturday. You must have been very pleased with the response and the number of ex-pupils, staff and parents who turned up and who, from the chat, laughter and smiles, had a wonderful day. I thought the organisation was excellent and it all looked as if it ran pretty smoothly. Please also thank the catering staff for their delicious 'school' dinner!

Now that the dust has settled on last Saturday’s events, I thought I would drop you a line to express our sincere thanks for the day. We were remarkably lucky with the weather and the turn out was exceptional for both events.

Difficult to pick out the best bits, but lunch was excellent. So too was the physics demonstration in the lecture theatre with Brent Wormald and John Lloyd. It was, without doubt, the best demonstration for that subject that I had ever seen. 

Catching up with a few former pupils was good, but what surprised me was how many teachers that taught me were there. We had lunch with Richard Costard whom I haven’t seen since I left in 1975. He seems to have changed very little. Apart from Brent Wormald and John Lloyd, there was Arthur Brooker, Tim Atkin, Roger Beavis and Phil Griffiths to name but a few. There was so much to see and do, that I didn’t manage to see that I wanted to, but overall, the changes to the School have been done very well indeed.

 As I said to you on the day, you must be mightily relieved at how well things went. Our congratulations to you and the others who organised it. No pressure, but you need to do it again!

What a fantastic day! One that a lot of people will remember for a long time. A huge thank you to all of you for organising it so well, not easy with 500 people to be sorted.

The school tours were very informative, with lots of thoughts of the past even if it was 54 years since I left Solihull, also with huge amounts of changes. The catering was excellent, and the afternoon events were brilliant, we spent most of it watching Spamalot, and time in the Physics labs, and in the archive room.

I just wanted to write to say how much I enjoyed the Reunion Day. You had put so much thought into the organisation and having never been back to the school since I left in 1971 I was just amazed at all the new buildings and other wonderful changes which had taken place. It was good to watch the rehearsal of Spamalot as I remembered the time when I produced 'A Christmas Carol' in the brand new chapel with so few facilities. I also remember producing a dance drama "David and Goliath" with the first year of the Juniors some time between 1968 and 1971.

It was so good that some old pupils turned up and remembered me teaching them all those years ago and lovely to chat to staff Harry Rickman, Jill Godsall and Colin Wharton who were there during that time.
It was such a happy day for me.

I wanted to say thank you for a wonderful Reunion Day on Saturday, which brought back some incredibly vivid memories of my time at the school, as well as the amazing opportunity to meet several of my former teachers, one of whom is even still teaching (Mr Perrins!).

It was great to see how the school had developed in recent years, as well as walk around classrooms which served me so well during my time at Solihull.

I am extremely keen to assist in any way I can with current pupils, and noticed online there were different ways of possibly doing this.

I don't know if this is possible, but I am more than keen to "give something back" to the school, and to stay in touch with events taking place.

Thank you for making the arrangements for Saturday. Myself and my old classmates had a great day of reunions and it was really good to meet so many former teachers. The school has changed greatly since 1977 but it was nice to see so many of the original buildings still in use and providing character.

I'd like to congratulate you and your Team for the superb organisation of the highly successful Reunion.

I thoroughly enjoyed it all, and especially meeting so many Boys, whom I had taught in my 13 very happy years as a Master at Solihull School.

I told the Headmaster that I felt that the Reunion was a triumph.  Well done indeed!

Thank you very much for all you did to make yesterday successful. The amount of contacting people and the huge task of planning and organising such an event must have been immense. I thought it all went very well. I left Old Sils at 10.20pm just before the disco started I imagine. Subdued lighting was a good idea for the senior citizens!  Happy and lively atmosphere all day. Loved it.

Yesterday's Reunion was splendid! Thank you very much indeed for your hospitality and the warmth of your welcome. I must also thank and congratulate Alison Bond and all her staff for the superb arrangements which they had made to ensure that everything ran so smoothly. Well done everyone! Returning to Solihull always stirs so many happy memories and it gladdens my heart to see the School going from strength to strength.

Yesterday's reunion was a superb day. A triumph of organisation for you and your team. Thank you for keeping us informed and up to date.

I met so many whom I had taught, going back to my first year at Solihull. It really was a pleasure. Thank you.

Thank you for such a well organised and interesting day. It was nice to see the old place again albeit a bit unrecognisable in parts. There is a real air of productive buzz about the school and the pupils and you must be congratulated for putting on such a good show!

Just a line to thank you, and everybody involved in the organisation of the Reunion yesterday, for a truly splendid day.  It was great to see, and catch up with, so many former pupils and staff. Please thank the refectory staff in particular for keeping us all fed and watered so magnificently throughout the day. We are only sorry that we were unable to attend the evening event at the Old Sils but feel sure there would have been a lot more stories to tell and experiences to exaggerate!

We have just returned home from the Reunion Day and wish to thank for all your hard work in organising such a wonderful day. We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves seeing school again and meeting old friends. Please thank the catering team for all their hard work in preparing and serving a delicious lunch and afternoon tea.
All in all a magnificent day.

We have just got home and immediately wanted to drop you an email to say how wonderful the Reunion has been.  We've really enjoyed it.

The School looks in fantastic shape; a school truly of the 21st Century.  I particularly loved the marketing aids, such as the upright flags, and all the signage and literature look very professional now.  Super meal and afternoon tea in the Refectory too.

It's been great meeting up with the staff, past and present, again and also seeing some familiar faces from the OSA.  It was a marvellous turn-out by Old Sils.

Well done to you and all involved.  You've done a superb job and thank you so much for inviting us to participate.

Congratulations on a first class event. Much enjoyed. Thank you for a very enjoyable lunch.

Best wishes for the School and all concerned  for the future.

Thank you and all involved in arranging the reunion day a week last Saturday.

Having attended a few previous reunions and OSA over 60's luncheons, it is still enjoyable to meet faces (some instantly recognisable and others less so) that I have not seen since school days. Not only have the faces changed but also the surroundings and although I have been a frequent visitor to school in recent years, it seems there is always something new to see and admire.

I think the numbers attending the reunion indicate there is a lot of affection for the school and just reward for all the effort that must have gone into the organisation and towards making the day the success it was.

Thank you once again for making it a most enjoyable time.

A rather belated 'congratulations' on the way the reunion was organised and delivered. It was great to see the old school again, and to admire the developments since I left.