Solihull School is pleased to offer the following scholarships  for 11+, 13+ and Sixth Form entry (16+): Academic, Art,  Music, Choral and Organ and Sport.

For further details please refer to the booklets below and/or contact the Admissions Office on 0121 705 4273.

Please note that 13+ Academic Scholarships are open to external candidates only.

Key Scholarship Dates:

Closing date for applications   17 December
Academic Interviews 2-6 February
Art Assessments  2-6 February
Music, Choral & Organ       Auditions   4-5 February
Sport                                      Assessments  2-6 February
Sixth Form (16+)    
Closing date for applications   30 January
Academic  Exam      25 February
Art Assessments   2-6 March
Music, Choral & Organ          Auditions         4 March
Sport                           Assessments      2-6 March


  1. Academic Scholarship
  2. Sixth Form Accademic Scholarship application form
  3. Art Scholarship
  4. Art Scholarship application form
  5. Music, Choral and Organ Scholarship
  6. Music Choral and Organ Scholarship application form
  7. Sport Scholarship
  8. Sport Scholarship reference form
  9. Sport Scholarship application form