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International Ambassadors

International Ambassadors help us to maintain a close relationship with former pupils living, working or studying overseas and assist alumni in fostering relationships with other former pupils in their area. They also enable us to support current and former pupils interested in living, working, studying or doing business overseas in the future.

The role

International Ambassadors aim to offer current and former pupils:

  • An informal contact point for those considering moving to the country
  • An informal welcome and support when a present or former pupil arrives in the country
  • Informal advice on visiting, studying in, moving to, or doing business in the country
  • A network of former pupils within the country
  • Social events for former pupils within the country
  • Help with international careers support

Please note, the role of Solihull School International Ambassadors is a strictly informal one. Information offered by Ambassadors must not be treated as formal advice. The views of International Ambassadors are not the views of Solihull School or the Old Silhillians’ Association.

You can view a list of International Ambassadors and their respective countries in the Ambassadors' Information section of our website.