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Solihull School

Solihull School


On entry into the Junior School, pupils in J1 are supported in gaining familiarity and confidence with the new routines, learning to take greater responsibility for their own belongings and use their Prep Book to communicate messages and tasks between home and school. They are primarily based in their form room but enjoy beginning to take lessons in subject specialist rooms for practical science activities, music and computing tasks. Every pupil in J1 is paired up with a J4 buddy who will guide them and act as a role-model in their early days in the Junior School. 

In their English curriculum, J1 enjoy exploring stories with familiar settings, fables and myths to inspire their own creative writing, as well as delving into a variety of different poetry types such as acrostic, free verse and poetry based on observations of the senses. There are ample opportunities for performance, and it is in J1 that the pupils get their first taste of public speaking when preparing and presenting a talk to their class. In maths, important areas of number, fractions, shape and measurement are secured with a balance of practical and written work taking place. As well as the academic, creative and sporting aspects of the curriculum, J1 pupils are also offered valuable insight into building resilience and developing a growth mindset within their wellbeing provision, which is embedded into daily life with the motto of, ‘I have a go!’

Life in J1 also extends beyond the classroom, with a wide range of activities from Book and Biscuit to STEM club, Performing Arts to Outdoor Education, as well as a whole host of sporting and musical options from which to choose. Other highlights of the year include art and geography trips, which, in recent years, have taken us to Oxford Natural History Museum and Cotswold Farm Park, on a virtual reality journey through the human digestive system in science and to a Bhangra Dancing Masterclass as part of their geography topic on India.