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Solihull School

Solihull School


The Oxbridge Programme runs in conjunction with the general Stretch and Challenge programme and begins formally at the start of the Lower Sixth. The aim of the programme is to work with individual students to not only prepare them academically for their application through extension work and discussion groups but also to assist them in navigating the Oxbridge application process.

The Oxbridge Mentors work with Heads of Department to identify early potential Oxbridge applicants and encourage them to pursue the independent thinking so valuable in preparation for Oxbridge. In conjunction with the many co-curricular stretch and challenge opportunities at Solihull, students are given the opportunity to gain confidence discussing topics away from the constraints of examination syllabi.

In the Lower Sixth, students will have the opportunity to prepare for Oxbridge applications both in Enrichment sessions and off timetable extension sessions. The aim of these sessions is to promote free thinking and make the discussion of new ideas a far less daunting prospect. Working alongside subject departments, students will receive help and encouragement in completing any beneficial subject specific extension and seminar work. As they move towards the end of the Lower Sixth, extra support is given to Oxbridge students in writing their personal statements. At various stages in the programme, they receive talks from recruitment officers followed by practise interviews with a variety of internal and external specialists. They are also given assistance in preparing for entrance tests.

This programme produces students who are more confident in discussions in and around the subjects they apply for and for whom the interview process is far less daunting than it might otherwise have been. As a consequence, we believe we give our students the best opportunity to show their potential both before and during the interview process.