Careers and UCAS

It is never too early to start planning and researching your career path.

Without a plan you are like a ship without a rudder, and could be blown off course by the slightest breeze. How will you choose your options? Why are you studying History? What work experience will be good for you and why?

There is a wealth of resources to help you learn more about careers and what is the best choice for you, at every stage in the school. However it is up to you to get curious, ask questions, talk to members of staff, and learn about the various opportunities available. The most valuable notes you make at school could be things you’ve learned about your career path or a contact made with a visiting speaker.

Of course, things change and the plan needs to adapt. Certain factors may affect your choice of career; exam results, work experience, conversations with professionals, opinions of others. Can you imagine leaving school with no idea what you wanted to do and unsure of the options available to you? The increase in university fees and the challenges faced by young people and employers now means it is crucial to know what is the right option for you.

Getting your dream job isn't luck. 

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