PSHEE is an important strand in the pastoral life of the school, responding to changing social pressures and the individual needs of the pupils in our care. The PSHEE programme is delivered in a variety of ways during key weeks throughout the year.

Our goal is to encourage pupils to consider and reflect on their own views on a variety of issues; contribute to discussion and debate; raise awareness of their own actions, health and behaviour; and provide opportunities to prepare for life beyond school.

Lower School pupils will explore a wide range of topics including study skills, friendships, relationships and bullying, internet safety, healthy eating, managing risk, an introduction to the law, prejudice and contraception.

In the Middle School, pupils will be introduced to mental health issues, dealing with stress, teenagers and the law, sexual health, road safety and driving.

The Sixth Form programme runs as part of a wider Enrichment programme and is detailed on the Sixth Form Enrichment page.

The delivery of our programme is through a mixture of external visiting speakers who are experts in their field, such as local magistrates, the West Midlands Fire and Police service and cancer charity nurses. In addition, sessions are run and organised by teachers with a particular interest in matters such as internet safety, revision techniques and careers. Delivery varies from small group, interactive workshops to whole year group trips and lectures in the Bushell Hall.