Teaching Staff

Mr  David Lloyd BSc (Lancaster) The Headmaster Economics  
Ms Aisha Abid BSc (Greenwich)   Mathematics   
Mr Gareth Affleck BA (Bristol) Head of History History
Miss Rachel Airdrie BA (Open University)   English  
Mr Oliver Anderton BSc (Warwick) Head of Year Physics  
Mrs  Nicola Atkins BEd (Hons) (Manchester) History Co-ordinator Junior School   
Dr Richard Atkinson BA, DPhil (Oxon) i.c. Timetable Mathematics  
Mr Matthew Babb BSc (Durham) Head of Year & President of the Common Room Biology
Mrs Katie Baden BSc (Brighton)    Girls' PE & Games  
Mr Owen Bate BSc (Sheffield) Head of Lower School & DofE Co-ordinator  Biology  
Miss Kathryn Berns BSc (Loughborough)   Physical Education  
Mr Mark Bishop BSc (Bristol), MSc (Reading) Head of Mathematics Mathematics  
Mrs  Claire Black BA (Warwick) Head of Year French  
Mr David Brough BSc (Manchester)   Mathematics  
Mrs  Julie Brown BA (Coventry), MA (Open) Head of Transition  Geography  
Miss  Tracy Bryan BA (UCE)   Art & Design  
Mrs   Denise Buckle BSc (Aston)   Biology  
Miss Yolanda  Cánovas  BA (Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid)   Spanish Assistant   
Ms Libby Campbell BA (Nottingham)   French & Spanish
Mrs  Naina Cheetham BA (Wales)   RS  
Miss Suzannah Compton BSc (Warwick) Georgraphy & Drama Co-ordinator  Junior School  
Miss Joanne Collier BSc (Leeds)   Psychology   
Mr  Neal Corbett BA (Leeds) Head of Design Technology Design & Technology  
Mr Martin Covill BSc Loughborough Assistant Head of Sixth Form  Geography  
Mrs  Petra Cramb BA (Bath) Head of German German, French and Italian   
Miss  Sara Crowther BEd (Sussex)   Mathematics  
Mr Geddes Cureton BSc (Loughborough)   Mathematics (PT)  
Mrs  Nicola Dickerson BA (Birmingham) Girls' Games Co-ordinator  Junior School  
Ms Helen Dolby AGSM, ATCL Head of Strings  Music  
Mr Andrew Dowsett BA (Nottingham)   German, French  
Mr  Thomas Emmet BSc (Cardiff) Head of Psychology Psychology
Miss Natasha Evans BA (Leeds), MA (Warwick)  Head of Year & Deputy Head of English  English  
Mrs  Hannah Fair BA (Birmingham), MA (Birmingham) Head of Transition History  
Mrs  Lisa Fair BA, MA (Warwick) Assistant Head (Pastoral) English & Theatre Studies
Mr David Farrington BSc (Lancaster) Deputy Head of Physics Physics  
Miss Betty Ford BSc, MSc (London)   Physics  
Mr Patrick  Ford MA (QM, London)   History   
Dr Sian Foster MA (Cambridge), Mphil (Oxon), Dphil (Oxon), MBA (Warwick)   Classics  
Mr Martyn Garner BSc (Lancaster) Assistant Head (Co-curricular) Physics
Mr Michael Gledhill BA (Leeds), LLB (College of Law)   Spanish and French  
Mrs  Corinne Goodman BSc (Manchester)   Chemistry  
Miss Christa Greswold GLCM, AMUSLCM, ALCM Head of Woodwind & Percussion Music  
Miss Samantha Gummery BSc (Sheffield) i.c. Medics, Dentists and Veterinary Society Biology  
Mrs  Helen Hallworth BSc (University of Wales)   Design & Technology  
Mr James Hammond MA (Central School of Speech & Drama) Head of Drama Drama  
Miss Jennifer Hanlon BSc (Exeter) Mathematics Co-ordinator  Junior School  
Ms Daniele Harford BA (Oxon) Assistant Head (Academic) Psychology  
Mr Stuart Hart BA (UCE), MPhil (Birmingham) Head of English English  
Mr Stephen Hifle QTS i.c. Swimming Club Physical Education  
Mr Phil Higley BA (Loughborough)   Design & Technology  
Mrs  Janet Humphreys BEd (Cantab) Assistant Head of Junior School Junior School  
Mrs  Eleanor Hurst BA (Birmingham), Dip RSA, APC, TPC Head of Learning Support Learning Support  
Rev. Can. Andrew Hutchinson BA MEd (Wales) The Chaplain RE  
Mr Peter Irving BA (UEA), FRCO (CHM), ARCM ABSM (Recital) Head of ICT (Curriculum) Computing & IT
Mr Paul Jackson BSc (Exeter) Examinations Officer & Cover Manager  Mathematics




MEd (Birmingham)



Mrs Emily Johnson BA (Loughborough) Head of PE (Academic & Curriculum)  PE   
Mrs Joanna Johnson BA MPhil (Birmingham) Head of Classics Classics  
Mr Andrew Jones BSc (Birmingham) Head of Science Chemistry  
Mr Michael Jones BA (Durham), MA (Durham)  Deputy Head of Junior School Junior School  
Mr Tim Kermode MA (Oxon) Director of Music Music  
Mrs  Ruth Lancaster BSc (Kent) Head of Middle School Chemistry
Mr Nick Leonard BEd (Exeter) CO of the CCF PE  
Miss  Lydia Lynch BSc (Birmingham) Drama & ICT Co-ordinator  Junior School  
Mr  Darren Maddy   Sports Coach Cricket Professional  
Mrs  Jane Mander BA (Huddersfield) i.c. Young Enterprise Economics and Business
Mr  Philip May BSc (Warwick)   Mathematics  
Mr Chris Mayer   Head of Hockey Hockey Professional  
Mrs  Wendy Meigh BEd (Newcastle, Australia)   Economics (PT)  
Miss  Lauren Mesrie BA (Birmingham)   HIstory  
Mrs  Hayley Middleton BEng, BCom (Birmingham) Science Co-ordinator Junior School  
Mr  Stephen Mitchell BSc (Cheltenham & Glos.) Design & Technolgy Co-ordinator  Junior School  
Mrs  Clare Mollison BA (Winchester) English Co-ordinator Junior School  
Mr  David Morgan BA, MA (Cantab) Deputy Headmaster (Academic) English  
Mr  Paul Morgan BA (Ulster) Head of MFL Spanish & French  
Mrs  Rachel Morgan BEd (Leeds) Art Co-ordinator  Junior School  
Mr  Sean Morgan BA (Leeds) Senior Deputy Headmaster

Games & Latin

Miss  Saranne Moule BSc (Durham) Relgious Studies Co-ordinator  Junior School  
Mrs  Ulrike Mynette MA (Essen, Germany)   German (PT)  
Mrs Dawn Parker BSc (Birmingham)  Head of Biology & i.c. Clay Pigeon Shooting  Biology   
Dr Mary Partridge BA (Oxon), MA, PhD (Birmingham)   History
Mrs  Donna Penney BSc (Loughborough) Learning & Curriculum Support Coordinator Junior School  
Mr  Mark Penney BA (Cork) Head of Junior School Junior School  
Mr  Stephen Perrins MA (Cambridge), FRCO (CHM) Director of Music Emeritus Music  
Mr  Simon Phillips BA (Bath), M Mus. (Nottingham) Head of Academics Music, Head of Year Music  
Dr  Andrew Powell BSc (Leeds), MSc (Manc), MBA (Derby), PhD (RMCS) i.c. Chess Club Chemistry  
Mrs Pilar Roman-Blythe MA (Sunderland)   Spanish   
Mr  Dave Reardon BSc (Manchester Metropolitan) Assistant Headteacher (ICT) IT
Miss  Stephanie Roberts MA (Birmingham) BA (Birmingham) EPQ Coordinator Classics  
Mrs  Alex Roll BA (Birmingham) Head of Geography Geography  
Mrs  Beatrice Rossay-Gilson

Institute of Linguist 

Head of French French  
Dr Amy Routledge PhD (Birmingham)    English   
Mr Andrew Rudd BA (Lancaster)    History   
Miss  Laura Rutherford BA, MA (Cantab), MEd (Birmingham) Head of RS, Head of Year RS  
Mr  Ben Sandford-Smith BSc (Leeds), MEd (Buckingham) Head of Sixth Form Psychology
Dr  Szymon Sawicki BA, MSc (Birmingham), PhD (Newcastle) i.c. Community Service Programme  Economics & Geography  
Miss Amy Smith  BA (Nottingham) Head of Economics & Business Studies  Economics & Business Studies  
Mrs  Helen Smith     Netball Professional  
Mr  Michael Smith BSc (Liverpool) Head of Physics Physics  
Miss  Rebecca Smith BSc (Warwick)   Junior School  
Mrs Laura Spratley BA (Leicester)    History  
Dr Peter Spratley BA, MA (Leicester), PhD (Warwick) Head of Year & Shenstonian & Greyhound Editor English  
Miss Emily Stokes BA (UCL)   Art   
Mr  Charley Thomas BSc (Worcester) Junior School Sports Co-ordinator  PE (Juniors & Seniors)   
Mrs  Sharron Thomas BSc (Leicester)   Learning Support  
Mr Steve Thompson BSc (Brunel) Director of Sport PE  
Mrs Donna Trim BA (Coventry) Head of Art Art & Design  
Dr  Jeremy Troth BSc PhD (Birmingham) Head of Chemistry  Chemistry  
Mrs  Helene Walsh Licence d'Anglais (Toulouse)   French (PT)
Mr  Oliver Walker MA (Oxon) Head of Choral Music & Head of Keyboard  Music  
Miss  Sally Walton BSc (Liverpool John Moores) Sports Coach Hockey Professional  
Miss Francesca Wernham BA (Durham)   Junior School   
Mrs Ruth  Whaley MA (MMU)   Art  
Miss Danielle Wilcox BA (Liverpool John Moores) Head of Girls' Games  PE   
Mr B Wormald BSc (Sheffield)    Mathematics & Physics   
Mr  Mark Worrall MA (Cantab) i.c. Mountain Club, Deputy Head of Mathematics Mathematics  
Mr  Liam Worth MA (BCU)   Art & Design  


Non-Teaching Staff

Mr Richard Bate MA (Cantab), ACMA Bursar & Clerk to the Governors  
Mrs  Janet Baker BA (Birmingham) Junior School Art Technician  
Ms Suzanne Baldwin   Bursar's PA  
Mrs Ann Blake   Accounts Assistant  
Mrs  Susan Blizzard   Purchase Ledger Administrator   
Mr Karl Brotherhood   Head Groundsman  
Mrs  Kim Capewell   Database & Examinations Secretary  
Mr David Carter MA (Cantab), FCA Chief Accountant  
Mrs Christine Clarke   Secretary to the Head of the Junior School  
Mrs  Marie Davies   Senior Accounts Assistant  
Mr  Philip Dean MBE   CCF, SSI & DofE Manager   
Mrs  Sue Dean BSc (Kings College, London) Science Technician  
Mr  Adrian Donohoe   Head of Maintenance  
Mrs  Tracey Duggan   School Administrator  
Miss  Lisa Else   Headmaster's PA  
Mr  Peter Essex   Deputy Marshal  
Miss  Charlotte Ford   Development and Alumni Relations Administrator  
Mr  Phil Green   Mini Bus Driver   
Mrs  Caroline Griffin   Science Technician  
Mr  Tony Haden   Mini Bus Driver & Security Officer  
Mr Paul Hadley MCSE Network & Communications Manager  
Mrs  Rachel Hadley-Leonard BEd (Humberside), AMDIS Dip. Schools Marketing Head of Marketing  
Mr  Lee Harris   Audio/Visual Technician  
Miss Gina Hill BA (Staffs) Digital Content & Communications Editor   
Mr  Kevin Hunton MA (Birmingham) Design & Technology Technician  
Mrs  Lynn Jenkins   Teaching Assitstant  
Dr  Paul Jukes BSc DPhil (Sussex) Audio/Visual Manager   
Mrs Susie  Jordan BA (Leeds) Director of Development & Alumni Relations  
Mrs  Helen King RGN School Nurse  
Dr Sunil Kotecha MBChB, FRCGP, MSc School Medical Officer   
Mr  Karl Leach    Assistant Head of Maintenance  
Mrs  Christine Marchant BSc (Liverpool Polytechnic) Physics Technician  
Mrs  Wendy Mason   Senior Science Technician  
Mrs Nicolette Mullan   Admissions Registrar  
Mr  Christian McCall   School Marshal  
Miss  Karen Perrins BA (Wolverhampton), MA (UCE) Art Technician  
Mrs  Gaynor Robinson   Assistant Librarian  
Mr  James Ralley   Reprographics Technician  
Mr  Lee Richardson MCP, MCSA, MSCA: Messaging, ITILv3  Information Technology Technician  
Mrs  Jayne Round   Refectory Manager  
Mrs  Nicola Saunders BA (Sunderland), Assoc CIPD HR Manager  
Mrs  Sarah Serle RGN Senior Nurse  
Mrs  Julia Skan BA (Kent) Careers Advisor  
Mrs  Heather Scott   Reception  
Mrs  Louise Taylor   Admissions Assistant  
Mrs  Mary Thorne RGN, RSCN, Dip (C&P) School Counsellor  
Mr  Liam Tovey FdSc (Open), Microsoft Certified Professional ICT Technician & Capt. OC Army Section CCF  
Mrs  Alison Vaughan BA (UCE) Librarian  
Mrs  Elaine Vernon HNC (North Birmingham) Biology Laboratory Technician  
Mrs  Helen Watling   Stationery Co-ordinator  
Mrs  Joanne Willison   Chemistry Laboratory Technician