Teaching Staff

Mr D E J J David Lloyd BSc (Lancaster) The Headmaster Economics  
Mr G J Gareth Affleck BA (Bristol) Head of History History
Miss R E Rachel Airdrie BA (Open University)   English  
Mr O R Oliver Anderton BSc (Warwick) Head of Year Physics  
Mrs N J Nicola Atkins BEd (Manchester) Junior School History  
Dr R A Richard Atkinson BA, DPhil (Oxon) i.c. Timetable Mathematics  
Mr M P Matthew Babb BSc (Durham) Head of Year
President of the Common Room
Mr O W H Owen Bate BSc (Sheffield) Head of Year Biology  
Miss K A Kathryn Berns BSc (Loughborough)   Physical Education  
Mr M R Mark Bishop BSc (Bristol), MSc (Reading) Head of Mathematics Mathematics  
Mrs C L Claire Black BA (Warwick) Head of Year French  
Mr D J David Brough BSc (Manchester)   Mathematics  
Mrs J S Julie Brown BA (Coventry), MA (Open)   Geography  
Miss T J Tracy Bryan BA (UCE)   Art & Design  
Mrs D L Denise Buckle BSc (Aston)   Biology  
Mr A Tony Bussey BA (UCE) Head of Econ & Business Economics
Miss E A M Libby Campbell BA (Nottingham)   French
Mrs N A Naina Cheetham BA (Wales)   RS  
Miss S L S Suzannah Compton BSc (Warwick)   Junior School  
Mr N E Neal Corbett BA (Leeds) Master of the Terriers Design & Tech  
Mr M J Martin Covill BSc Loughborough Deputy Head of Sixth Form
Head of Year
Mrs P Petra Cramb BA (Coventry) Head of German German  
Miss S A Sara Crowther BEd (Sussex)   Mathematics  
Mr G J Geddes Cureton BSc (Loughborough)   Mathematics (PT)  
Mrs N J Nicola Dickerson BA (Birmingham)   Junior School  
Ms H P Helen Dolby AGSM, ATCL   Music  
Mr A J Andrew Dowsett BA (Nottingham)   MFL  
Mr T B Thomas Emmet BSc (Cardiff) Head of Psychology Psychology
Miss N L Natasha Evans BA (Leeds)   English  
Mrs H M Hannah Fair BA (Birmingham) Head of Transition History  
Mrs L M Lisa Fair BA, MA (Warwick) Assistant Head (Pastoral) English
Theatre Studies
Mr D A David Farrington BSc (Lancaster) Deputy Head of Physics Physics  
Miss E A M Betty Ford BSc, MSc (London)   Physics  
Dr S E Sian Foster MA (Cambridge), Mphil (Oxon), Dphil (Oxon), MBA (Warwick)   Classics  
Mr M J Martyn Garner BSc (Lancaster) Assistant Head (Co-curricular) Physics
Mr M S Michael Gledhill BA (Leeds), LLB (College of Law, Birmingham)   Spanish and French  
Mrs C H Corinne Goodman BSc (Manchester)   Chemistry  
Miss C M Christa Greswold GLCM, AMUSLCM, ALCM   Music  
Miss S J Samantha Gummery BSc (Sheffield)   Biology  
Mr R R Rakesh Gunchala BSc (City University)   Junior School  
Mr P G Gerry Gunning BA (Birmingham)   Spanish (PT)  
Mrs R R Rachel Hadley-Leonard BEd (Humberside) Dip SpLD Director of Learning Support Learning Support  
Mrs H K Helen Hallworth BSc (University of Wales)   Design & Technology  
Miss J C Jennifer Hanlon BSc (Exeter) Junior School    
Ms D R Daniele Harford BA (Oxon) Assistant Head (Academic) Psychology  
Mr S A Stuart Hart BA (UCE), MPhil (Birmingham) Head of English English  
Mr S Stephen Hifle QTS i.c. Swimming Club Physical Education  
Mr P M Phil Higley BA (Loughborough) Head of Design & Tech, EES Design & Tech  
Mrs J E Janet Humphreys BEd (Cantab) Junior School English  
Mrs E Eleanor Hurst BA (Birmingham), Cert SpLD   Learning Support  
Rev. Can.
Andrew Hutchinson BA MEd (Wales) The Chaplain RE  
Mr P J Peter Irving BA FRCO (CHM), ARCM ABSM (Recital) Head of ICT (Curriculum) Computing & IT
Mr P R Paul Jackson BSc (Exeter) Examinations Officer Mathematics
Mr D David Jenkinson MEd (Birmingham)   Mathematics  
Mrs E J Emily Johnson BA (Loughborough) i.c. Netball Head of PE (Academic and Curriculum) (PT)  
Mrs J Jo Johnson BA MPhil (Birmingham) Head of Classics Classics  
Mr A Andrew Jones BSc (Birmingham) Head of Science Chemistry  
Mr M D Michael Jones MA (Durham) BA (Durham) Deputy Head of Junior School Junior School  
Mr A T Tim Kermode MA (New College, Oxford) Director of Music Music  
Mrs A R Ruth Lancaster BSc (Kent) Head of Middle School Chemistry
Mr N W S Nick Leonard BEd (Exeter) CO of the CCF PE  
Miss L J Lydia Lynch BSc (Birmingham)   Junior School  
Mr D L Darren Maddy   Sports Coach Cricket Professional  
Mrs J L Jane Mander BA (Huddersfield) i.c. Young Enterprise Economics and Business
Mr P G Philip May BSc (Warwick)   Mathematics  
Mr C Chris Mayer   Head of Hockey Hockey Professional  
Mrs W L Wendy Meigh BEd (Newcastle, Australia)   Economics (PT)  
Miss L H Lauren Mesrie BA (Birmingham)   HIstory  
Mrs H J Hayley Middleton BEng, BCom (Birmingham) Junior School Science  
Mr S G Stephen Mitchell BSc (Cheltenham & Glos.) Junior School Mathematics  
Mrs C E  Clare Mollison BA (Winchester)   Junior School  
Mr D G David Morgan BA, MA (Cantab) Deputy Headmaster (Academic) English  
Mr P E Paul Morgan BA (Ulster) Head of Spanish Spanish
Mrs R Rachel Morgan BEd (Leeds)   Junior School  
Mr S A Sean Morgan BA (Leeds) Senior Deputy Headmaster



Miss S E Saranne Moule BSc (Durham)   Junior School  
Mr W M S M William Murray   Sports Coach Hockey Professional  
Mrs U Ulrike Mynette MA (Essen, Germany)   German (PT)  
Dr M Mary Partridge BA (Oxon), MA, PhD (Birmingham)   History
Mrs D E Donna Penney BSc (Loughborough) Junior School RE  
Mr M Mark Penney BA (Cork) Head of Junior School Junior School  
Mr S J Stephen Perrins MA (Cambridge), FRCO (CHM) Director of Music Music  
Mrs S J Sandra Phillips BSc (Warwick) i.c. Charity Psychology  
Mr S R Simon Phillips BA (Bath), M Mus. (Nottingham) Head of Academics Music, Head of Year Music  
Miss H E Helen Pike BA (London), MA (Reading) Second in English English  
Dr K A Andrew Powell BSc (Leeds), MBA (Derby), PgD (RMCS),
MSc (Manchester)
i.c. Chess Club Chemistry  
Mr D Dave Reardon BSc (Manchester Metropolitan) Head of Lower School
Director of ICT
Miss S C Stephanie Roberts MA (Birmingham) BA (Birmingham)   Classics  
Mrs A C Alex Roll BA (Birmingham) Head of Geography Geography  
Mrs B Beatrice Rossay-Gilson Diplôme d’Etudes & Diploma (Universitaire Général Institute of Linguists) Head of French French  
Miss L J V R Laura Rutherford BA, MA (Cantab), MEd (Birmingham) Head of RS, i.c. EPQ RS  
Mr B J Ben Sandford-Smith BSc (Leeds) Head of Sixth Form Psychology
Dr S S Szymon Sawicki BA (Cambridge), MSc (Birmingham), PhD (Newcastle) i.c. Eco Club Geography  
Mrs H E P Helen Smith     Netball Professional  
Mr M K Michael Smith BSc (Liverpool) Head of Physics Physics  
Miss R H Rebecca Smith BSc (Warwick)   Junior School  
Dr P F Peter Spratley BA, MA (Leicester), PhD (Warwick)   English  
Mrs K R Kate Sykes BA (Birmingham) i.c. History Web Club History  
Mr C W Charley Thomas BSc (Worcester)   Junior School Sports Cooordinator  
Miss L M Lucy Thomas BA (Camberwell College of Arts) i.c. Textiles Club Art  
Mrs S Sharron Thomas BSc (Leicester)   Biology
Mrs S J Steve Thompson BSc (Brunel) Director of Sport PE  
Ms D L Donna Trim BA (Coventry) i.c. Charity Week, Head of Year Art & Design  
Dr J Jeremy Troth BSc PhD (Birmingham) Head of Chemistry
Head of Year
Mrs H Helene Walsh Licence d'Anglais (Toulouse)   French (PT)
Mr O M Oliver Walker BA (Oxon) Head of Choral Music Music  
Miss S E Sally Walton BSc (Liverpool John Moores) Sports Coach Hockey Professional  
Miss D Danielle Wilcox BA (Liverpool John Moores) i.e. Girls Hockey Physical Education (Head of Girls' Games)  
Mrs D H Dawn Wild BSc (Birmingham) Head of Biology Biology  
Mrs J Jean Wilde BA (Birmingham) Head of Theatre Studies Theatre Studies  
Mr M Mark Worrall MA (Cantab) i.c. Mountain Club, Second in Mathematics Mathematics  
Mr L K Liam Worth MA (BCU)   Art & Design  


Non-Teaching Staff

Mr Richard Bate MA (Cambridge), BA (Cambridge), ACMA Bursar & Clerk to the Governors  
Mrs J Janet Baker BA (Birmingham) Junior School Art Technician  
Ms S K Suzanne Baldwin   Bursar's PA  
Mrs A Ann Blake   Accounts Assistant  
Ms A J Alison Bond BA (Leeds) Director of Development and Alumni Relations  
Mr K Karl Brotherhood   Head Groundsman  
Mrs K Kim Capewell   Database & Examinations Secretary  
M D David Carter MA (Cantab), FCA Chief Accountant  
Mrs C Christine Clarke   Secretary to the Head of the Junior School  
Mrs M Marie Davies   Senior Accounts Assistant  
Mr P G Philip Dean   SSI (CCF)  
Mrs S J Sue Dean BSc (Kings College, London) Science Technician  
Mr A M Adrian Donohoe   Head of Maintenance  
Mrs T J Tracey Duggan   School Administrator  
Mrs J Janice Edwards   Admissions Secretary  
Miss J B Lisa Else   Headmaster's PA  
Mr P Peter Essex   Deputy Marshal  
Miss C A Charlotte Ford   Development and Alumni Relations Administrator  
Mr P G Phillip Green   Mini Bus Driver  
Mrs C Caroline Griffin   Science Technician  
Mr T Tony Haden   Security Officer, i/c Cross Country  
Mr P F M Paul Hadley MCSE Network & Communications Manager  
Mr L J Lee Harris   Music Technician  
Mr K Kevin Hunton MA (Birmingham) Design & Technology Technician  
Mrs L M Lynn Jenkins   Teaching Assitstant  
Dr P Paul Jukes BSc DPhil (Sussex) Bushell Hall Technician  
Mrs H Helen King RGN School Nurse  
Mrs C E Christine Marchant BSc (Liverpool Polytechnic) Physic Technician  
Mrs W Wendy Mason   Senior Science Technician  
Mr C Christian McCall   School Marshal  
Miss K Karen Perrins BA (Wolverhampton), MA (UCE) Art Technician  
Mrs G Gaynor Robinson   Assistant Librarian  
Mr J James Ralley   Reprographics Technician  
Mr L Lee Richardson   Information Technology Technician  
Mrs J L Jayne Round   Refectory Manager  
Mrs N K Nicola Saunders BA (Sunderland) HR Manager  
Mrs S D Sarah Serke RGN Senior Nurse  
Miss J M Julia Skan BA (Kent) Careers Advisor  
Mrs H Heather Scott   Reception  
Mrs L J A Louise Taylor   Secretarial / Administrative Assistant  
Mrs M M Mary Thorne RGN, RSCN, Dip (C&P) Assistant Matron & School Counsellor  
Mr L Liam Tovey   ICT Technician  
Mrs A M Alison Vaughan BA (UCE) Librarian  
Mrs E Elaine Vernon HNC (North Birmingham) Biology Laboratory Technician  
Mrs H Helen Watling   Stationery Co-ordinator  
Mrs J M Joanne Willison   Chemistry Laboratory Technician