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Solihull School

Solihull School

New Year, New Build

The term began with a meeting in the Eagle’s Nest, the nickname given to the top floor of our brand new sixth form centre, (The Cooper Building). Our first few days were spent in awe of the sensor-activated taps, the plush new games facilities and, of course, the vast array of food prepared in our state-of-the-art kitchen. Aside from the exciting new features, our building is also fit-for-purpose with its inclusion of numerous computers workrooms, hi-tech classrooms, social areas and stylish lockers helping to further enhance all areas of sixth form life. 

Taking advantage of the Cooper Building terrace, we (the Heads of School) decided to organise a Hawaiian themed BBQ bringing together the two years for a palm-tree, hot-dog and piñata filled evening.  With flowery shirts, leis and music from our resident DJ Freya it made for a great evening. These socials are something we plan to continue over the course of the year and so will be a regular feature in our blog.

Whilst the building work was taking place over summer, Solihull School was spread across the globe with a variety of trips taking place. Some highlights include the hiking holiday in the Himalayas and the Cricket Tour in Barbados. For our own summer holidays, Ben and Tish were coincidentally both travelling around Asia, Evie was helping teach English in Peru and Moses was working for National Grid. The feedback on the school trips was very positive as usual and we’re looking forward to seeing what’s on offer in the coming year.

Although we’ve been having lots of fun in our first few weeks back, they have been particularly busy with the university application process nearing completion at the same time as beginning the next phase in our A-Level courses. However, the new building and all its wonderful features definitely make the task less arduous!

We’re looking forward to see what our final school year brings but don’t want it to go too quickly.