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Solihull School

Solihull School


Educating children is an exhilarating responsibility and a privilege borne of the opportunity to make a very meaningful difference in their young lives.

Of course, academics matter in our Prep School, and they matter a lot. Every pupil is uniquely special to us, and we know that a strong academic track record opens doors for them later in life.

But what a hollow triumph it would be if they lacked the self-assurance to step through an open door, or the life skills to make the most of it, when they did. 

We are wholly committed to teaching our pupils so much more than what it takes to secure an impressive set of grades. The world they currently inhabit requires we do and the world of adulthood they will grow into demands it. Whatever path they take in life, we want to play our part in teaching them how to be happy and how to fulfil their potential.

Underpinned by the science of Positive Psychology and best practice teaching, we want everyone in our community - children, teachers and parents - to flourish, so our energies are focused on nurturing a culture and skill sets that make flourishing all the more likely.

Building strong relationships and healthy emotions, altering positively the relationship our children have with challenge and difficulty, nurturing the ability to adapt to and embrace change, growing resilience, encouraging mindfulness and learning what it takes to be well - and to stay well - are skills that we prize and skills that we teach.

We are also very much committed to teaching children about the behaviours that benefit others, in the hope they will assimilate this deeply into their understanding of what it means to live a life well lived.

Our campus fizzes with the vibrancy of our remarkable children, who achieve great things both inside and outside the classroom. They make the most of the exceptional range of opportunities and facilities available to them, and the support they are offered by my very talented and caring colleagues is as humbling as it is heart-warming.

The Prep School is a special place, where wonderful things happen. If you’d like a fuller understanding of why, do please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you and welcome you in person.

Mark P Penney

Head of the preparatory School