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Solihull School

Solihull School

Our Junior School 'double offer'

From September 2017, changes in our admissions process means that an acceptance of an offer at 10+ will automatically lead to an offer at 11+.

In 2016 we changed the date of our entrance examinations in line with grammar and other independent schools in the area. Our 11+ examination historically fell in January, but now takes place every November. 

This change means that pupils who receive and accept an offer at 10+ (to join us in J4, Year 6) will also receive an offer at 11+ (Year 7). With a very robust 10+ examination, we are confident that any candidate worthy of an offer at 10+ is equally worthy of a place in the Senior School.

Pupils who join us in J1 (Year 3), J2 (Year 4) and J3 (Year 5) are very likely to be offered a place in the Senior School at the end of the first term in J3, following satisfactory performance on internal benchmarks of effort, attainment and exam grades. 

Want to find our more? Why not join us for our Junior School Open Afternoon on Thursday 30 November at 2:15pm.

All Senior School offers made to pupils in our Junior School are subject to sustained good performance throughout J3 and J4 and are at the discretion of the Headmaster.

All of our J4 pupils will sit the 11+ examination regardless of their offer status so that they can compete for academic scholarships in the Senior School and provide the Senior School with useful baseline information at the beginning of their time in the Senior School.

To find out more information about joining Solihull call our Registrar on 0121 705 4273.