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Solihull School

Solihull School


Please see below an email from the Headmaster issued to the school community earlier today.  

I hope you and your families are all well.  Thank you for the teamwork and kindness you have shown in supporting our community through these challenging times.

Like me, I suspect you are trying to process recent events in the US and the shockwaves felt around the world.  Understandably, media commentary has focussed on racial division in the US, but racism and all forms of discrimination are a global matter and very importantly, a local one too.

Discrimination in all its forms is abhorrent and it is just as much an issue for Solihull School as it is the American Government.  I often hear the word ‘tolerance’ used in the context of combatting racial prejudice and discrimination, but merely tolerating difference feels superficial at best and can mask underlying bias and resentment.

‘Community’ is one of Solihull’s three aims, and ‘front footedness’ is one of the four principles underpinning our Novus Curriculum.  Moreover, one word which regularly features in school meetings is reflection, and this is arguably now more important than ever before. Fighting discrimination, inculcating inclusivity and celebrating difference pervade all aspects of school life, yet we must all reflect further.

Solihull is a successful and celebrated seat of learning and we remain cognisant of our responsibility for shaping the future.  The leadership team, staff and pupils, supported by parents and governors, will continue to reflect and build on all that we do and offer.  It is inevitable that global events, including recent tragedy, will shape this process, and the curriculum, the co-curriculum, pastoral care, wellbeing, spirituality, assemblies and all other aspects of school life remain under close scrutiny.

We must be courageous and front-footed, tackling racism and not waiting for others to take the first step.  I am proud of our work on such matters, for example, recent Holocaust and Srebrenica education events, the foundation of the school Equity Group and many departmental specific initiatives.  We are committed to continuous improvement in all areas.  

No school is perfect and if I were to summarise my thoughts in two ways, it would be that we can all do more and that we must not wait to make a difference.

Thank you and stay safe.