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Solihull School

Solihull School

Kindness: a legacy of the holocaust

Mr Penney, Head of the Prep School who organised the evening, said: “At 93 years old, Susan continues to be a beacon of inspiration for so many people far and wide. Despite losing 50 members of her family in the Holocaust, and her own near-death experiences, Susan continues to share how she is disarmed by acts of everyday kindness. Her heartfelt encouragement to be upstanders in the face of all forms of discrimination and prejudice, and to always be kind will live long in the memory of all present.”

Cate Hollis, Artistic Director of Voices of the Holocaust, said: "Voices of the Holocaust, as a charity, is dedicated to telling the stories of survivors like our dear friend Susan Pollack OBE. It is profoundly important that her story, that of her family and the other 6 million Jewish people murdered in the Holocaust continue to be told. The impact that Kindness is having across education establishments in the UK is incredible and we are honoured to do this work through the power of theatre."

Mr Penney added: “We are proud of our excellent and established reputation for hosting and championing awareness events, that encourage our audiences to reject all forms or prejudice and discrimination. It is only by knowing the stories of those who have suffered and lost so much, that we can truly understand the role we can play in trying to prevent it from happening again.”