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Solihull School

Solihull School

New Sculpture for the Chapel Forecourt

The image above is a 1:8 scale maquette of the new sculpture designed to sit in the centre of the refurbished Chapel Forecourt. The design aims to celebrate the sense of community and aspiration of the pupils and the strong role that music and singing plays within the School, and particularly within the Chapel.The figure in the centre of the sculpture was inspired by a child conductor. He stands in the centre of a chaos of musical notes which are symbolized by the intertwining steel chords. As he works he creates order from the chaos and the music/song rises up in a crescendo.The scale and shape of the sculpture will compliment the 1960’s architecture of the Chapel and will be the centerpiece of the redesigned Chapel forecourt. Raised off the ground to give the impression of floating the work will be lit from below to create a stunning sight in the evening, surrounded by new foliage and seating for pupils to use during their break times. It will stand just over five meters high and three meters wide.

The sculptor, Matthew Sanderson, is spending time in school teaching and inspiring pupils in the Art Department. He is also working on a sculpture for the new Sixth Form Centre.