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Solihull School

Solihull School


Solihull Preparatory School is friendly, nurturing and encourages all our pupils to work hard to fulfil their academic potential. In our efforts to help our pupils to build firm foundations for their future lives, we teach pupils to develop excellent learning habits, self-discipline, resilience and confidence, which will stand them in good stead throughout their education at Solihull – and beyond.

Each child is different; therefore, staff work hard to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere in which pupils can be confident and make progress to the best of their ability. Encouraging children to be their very best, to put in effort and persevere, and to help others to be their best too, also helps pupils to adopt a growth mindset.

'Excellent study skills are evident in pupils from an early age.'

(I.S.I. 2019)

With small class sizes, our teaching staff are able to provide academic rigour and create stretch and challenge opportunities for all pupils. Lessons are lively and engaging, and independent and collaborative learning is promoted in order to develop enquiring minds. Teachers in the Prep School provide stimulating and challenging lessons for core and foundation subjects, with specialist teachers teaching Spanish, music, P.E., games and swimming. Each pupil’s academic progress is carefully monitored through ongoing assessment and evaluation, to ensure they have every opportunity to be successful in gaining a place in the Senior School.

Pupils develop their ICT skills, using PCs, iPads and mini laptops to learn discreet computing skills, and also use them to enhance their learning in other subjects in the curriculum. Children will also have opportunities to visit our Forest School, where they gain hands-on learning experiences in a woodland setting, to encourage a love of the environment and curiosity towards the natural world.

In the Prep School, we maintain that learning should be a stimulating, challenging, rewarding and enjoyable experience for everyone. Above all, it should be fun!

'Pupils of all ages show excellent moral development in their response to the school's strong focus on promoting kindness to others.'

(I.S.I. 2019)