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Solihull School

Solihull School

Computer Science


  • Mrs V Patel (Head of Computer Science)
  • Mr T A MacKenzie
  • Mr C J Guy


The department uses IT suites located in George Hill and School House. These rooms house 26 computers each and are equipped with large touchscreen displays, audio visual facilities, scanners, an A3 colour printer and colour laser printers.


Lower School

The ICT curriculum has been devised to provide pupils with a wide range of skills in ICT. The last 2½ years have seen a dramatic change away from the more traditional areas of IT by introducing programming, robotics, HTML and website design, animation, sound editing, graphics editing as well as video editing. Online Safety has also been an important part of the curriculum and strictly follows the guidelines set out by CEOP. Mathematical modelling along with database work is still part of the curriculum but with less emphasis than before.


We follow the Cambridge International Examination (CIE) 0417 specification for IGCSE ICT. Being a linear course, pupils who have opted for the subject at this level sit two practical tests and one theory paper at the end of Year 11, based on technologies within today’s business environment.

Sixth Form

ICT is not available for study at AS and A2 levels.

Co-curricular Activities

Stretch & Challenge

Our ICT Rescue Clinic is run during two lunch breaks and for two sessions after school enabling pupils in Years 7 to 11 to develop their IT skills further as well as receive additional help and guidance. ICT activities such as programming, robotics and website design take place during the remaining lunch times. These provide pupils with the opportunity of developing and exploring ideas to an advanced level.