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Solihull School

Solihull School



  • Mrs B.M.E. Rossay-Gilson (Head of Department)
  • Mrs C. Black (Head of Year)
  • Mrs E.A.M. Campbell
  • Mr A. Dowsett
  • Mr M. Gledhill
  • Miss R. Noon


The department teaches in a suite of rooms situated principally on the top of K Block, although extensive use is also made of K1, our new Sanako Language Lab and the other IT suites the school has to offer. All of our classrooms are well equipped with white boards and audio visual facilities.


Lower School

We are in the process of switching our compulsory language in the Lower School from French to Spanish, and from 2018 all Lower School pupils will learn Spanish as their compulsory language. French will still be available as an option. 


We follow the iGCSE Edexcel specification and follow the textbook Tricolore Total.

Sixth Form

We follow the AQA specification.

Co-curricular Activities

Stretch & Challenge

We are constantly working together as a team in order to find ways of stretching and challenging our most able pupils, by observing teaching and learning and sharing best practice, both from within the department and from other departments in the school. We aim to go well beyond the confines of our course materials by making learning interactive and by providing pupils with challenging texts. Moreover, we provide pupils with the opportunity to watch French-language films and also stage a French-language play, courtesy of the Onatti Theatre Company. The most able linguists are encouraged to take part in immersion weekends run by local universities.

Trips & Visits

Students from Upper Fifth onwards (Year 11 – Year 13) at Solihull School can take advantage of language specific travel bursaries which will allow them to travel independently to the country of the target language and immerse themselves in the language and culture. Pupils in Shell Form and Fourth Form (Years 8 & 9) also have the opportunity to travel to Paris for five days.

Our Upper Fifth and Sixth Form students may participate in a language immersion weekend, visiting a Chateau in Normandy. This provides an outstanding opportunity for our pupils to improve their knowledge both of the language and of everyday life in France.


In recent years students have gone on to read Modern Languages (single degrees in Spanish, German and Spanish, joint degrees of two languages, and combined degrees  such as Spanish and Business Studies. Some students have taken up a new language too, such as Italian or Russian. Others are majoring in another subject such as Medicine or Economics but have chosen to continue with a language as an elective subject and to spend an academic year studying abroad.  The most frequent destinations include Durham, Exeter, Leeds, Nottingham, Bristol Oxford, UCL, Kings College, London, Sheffield, Liverpool, and Warwick.

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