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Solihull School

Solihull School

Life in the Sixth Form

Students in our Sixth Form are lucky enough to embrace the opportunities that the school offers as a whole, but the Sixth Form itself takes another step beyond that. 

Our Sixth Formers enjoy their own building within school campus, the Cooper Building. Our four floor centre for excellence provides students with classrooms built exclusively for A Level subjects, group study rooms, IT workrooms and social spaces. The Cooper Building also features a cafe, which serves our Sixth Form exclusively. Students are given more independence and freedom than in Junior or Senior School, which includes more free periods for independent study, a choice to have lunch on or off site, and a different uniform. 

Sixth Form pupils are often keen to take more responsibility within the school community and opportunities are abound. Students can join the school council or the Bench, become a mentor or a House Captain, or even a Head of School. There are also plenty of opportunities to volunteer time to charity or to help pupils in the Junior or Senior School, both during and outside of timetable.

Students are given every opportunity to immerse themselves into life at school from the beginning of their Solihull journey. Induction days at the start of the year allow students to learn more about what to expect in their chosen subjects and to find their feet around campus. A second induction day challenges students in team building activities and strengthens bonds between peers to help the whole year group meet new friends. All Sixth Form students get a new form tutor and, if they joined the school earlier on, a completely new form.

The Sixth Form also spend an afternoon a week participating in a Games activity of their choice, and have the opportunity to take part in all Co-Curricular Activities available in the Senior School. To find out more about co-curricular opportunities, please go to our Senior School Co-Curricular section.