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Solihull School

Solihull School


During the course of the year there are many opportunities for pupils to take part in a range of musical rehearsals, practices and concerts.  Pupils can perform in both informal concerts, and in major concerts.  There are also opportunities to perform in music festivals, solo recitals, in assemblies and in Chapel.  Many pupils have individual music lessons at the school and the Director of Music, Mr T Kermode (, should be contacted for details and advice.  The Music Department also work in close collaboration with the Drama Department to produce the fabulous, annual Musical. 

Below are some of the recent examples of ensemble groups and sessions: 

  • Advanced Trumpet Ensemble
  • Aural Training (Grades 5 & 6)
  • Aural Training (Grades 5 & 6)
  • Big Band
  • Boys' Choir
  • Budding Brass
  • Chamber Choir (Tenors & Basses)
  • Chamber Orchestra
  • Chapel Choirs
  • Clarinet Choir
  • Concert Band
  • Girls' Choir
  • Horn Quartet
  • Intermediate Trumpet Ensemble
  • Jazz Improvisation Group
  • 'Love Singing Chorally' Choir
  • LS String Quartet
  • Music Theory (Grades 1 - 5)
  • Piano Chamber Music
  • Piano Duets
  • Piano Trio
  • Saxophone Ensemble
  • Saxaphone Quartet
  • Saxophony
  • School Bands
  • Senior Flute Choir
  • Senior Guitar Ensemble
  • String Group
  • String Quartet
  • Solihull Strings
  • The Musical
  • 'The Twelve' (Close Harmony Group)