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Solihull School

Solihull School

Music Staff

Academic / Full-time Staff

  • Director of Music: Mr AT Kermode
  • Head of Academic Music: Mr SR Phillips
  • Head of Brass: Mrs JA Spraggett
  • Head of Choral Music: Mr DC Rice
  • Head of Keyboard: Mrs H Martens
  • Head of Strings: Mrs H Roberts
  • Head of Woodwind and Percussion: Mr K Slade
  • Head of Prep School Music: Mrs H Peat
  • Department Administrator: Mrs I Baumber

Instrumental Staff


  • Mrs MA Brookes (Trombone)
  • Miss A Roper (French Horn/Trumpet)
  • Mr M Sharpe (Brass)
  • Mrs JA Spraggett (Trumpet)


  • Mrs J Bamford (Piano)
  • Mrs K Field (Piano)
  • Mrs P Hsieh (Piano)
  • Mrs S Irving (Piano)
  • Mr D McWilliam (Piano)
  • Mrs H Martens (Piano)
  • Mr DC Rice (Organ)
  • Mr A Woodrow (Piano/Organ)


  • Miss C Bovill (Voice)
  • Miss S Cotterill (Voice)
  • Miss P Davies (Voice)
  • Mrs G Hattley (Voice)


  • Mrs L Carey (Violin)
  • Ms S Johnson (cello)
  • Miss L Larner (Guitar)
  • Mrs A Newton (Guitar)
  • Mr M Nowland (Cello/Double Bass)
  • Mrs H Roberts (Violin/Viola)
  • Mr D Wilkins (Guitar)
  • Mr J Woodrow (Violin)

Woodwind & Percussion

  • Mr P Brookes (Bassoon)
  • Miss R Dawkins (Oboe)
  • Miss H Foster (Flute)
  • Mr L Hunt (Percussion)
  • Mrs K Moore (Woodwind)
  • Miss C Percy-Smith (Clarinet/Saxophone)
  • Mrs J Pollock (Clarinet/Saxophone)
  • Mr K Slade (Clarinet/Saxophone)
  • Miss C Slominska (Percussion)