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Solihull School

Solihull School



  • Miss A G Wilkie (Head of Psychology)
  • Mr T B Emmet (Assistant Head (Welfare) & DSL
  • Ms D R Harford-Fox (Senior School Deputy Head Teaching & Learning Innovation)
  • Mrs J L Elkington
  • Miss S Waldron


The department teaches in a suite of rooms on the ground floor of the Cooper Building, all of which are equipped with interactive white boards and audio visual facilities. Students have access to an independent study room, where they can access a range of curriculum, careers and enrichment materials.


Sixth Form

We follow the AQA Psychology specification (A Level). In the first year, students study a range of modules including memory, social influence, psychopathology, attachment, biopsychology, and approaches. In the Upper Sixth, students develop an advanced understanding of different approaches in psychology by studying schizophrenia, aggression, relationships and related issues and debates. Students also study the nature of the scientific method in an applied context in both years.     

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Co-curricular Activities

Stretch & Challenge

All students are encouraged to explore new research online, and have access to school copies of The Psychologist which is a BPS publication with current psychological research.

Trips & Visits

Under normal circumstances, Upper Sixth students have the opportunity to attend ‘Brain Day’ led by Neuroscientist Dr Guy Sutton. Students learn about the working and damaged brain, hear about a range of unique cases of when things go wrong in brain development and the impact that can have on the development of mental illnesses and criminal behaviour.

We have also hosted guest speakers from Gendered Intelligence to support the student’s understanding of the gender module, and their wider understanding of gender as an issue within society.


In recent years students have gone on to read Psychology at Oxford, Durham, Nottingham, Leeds, and Manchester amongst other universities.