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Solihull School

Solihull School



Our vision is for Solihull Rugby to develop hardworking, creative players. Our rugby takes the form of contact and touch, with both options having regular fixtures and excellent coaching throughout the age groups. When playing, our philosophy is ‘’To score from anywhere, at any time, by anyone’. If you were to attend a rugby games lesson or an after-school practise, you would see a golden thread throughout each session, regardless of ability or age. The golden thread of a Solihull session is as follows:

Fast: Emphasise all actions and decisions to be conducted as quickly as possible.

Constant decision-making: Increase in touches on the ball results in longer term learning and better decision-making.

Self-Organisation: Players are given lots of opportunity to lead, coach and self-organise our sessions.

Stretch: Challenge each player to find out for themselves what works and what doesn’t, to enable them to find solutions.

Opportunity to fail: 60/40% split on success and failure in a coaching session/game. We aim to stretch our players; failing is an essential part of this.

Our Head of Rugby, Mr Brett Richmond ( is an RFU Level Three Coach and leads an experienced, passionate and exciting group of coaches.