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Solihull School

Solihull School

University Admissions

University admissions support is a feature of the Sixth Form, with a dedicated team focused on facilitating applications to UK and international universities. We also provide specific support for those wishing to apply to Oxford or Cambridge, and for students applying for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science.

As our most popular post-school pathway, university admissions support is co-ordinated by our Director of Academic Guidance & Administration, Mrs R S Chillcott. Solihull students are well supported when researching and making applications for UK and/or international universities. Sixth Form students use Unifrog to inform and support their university applications, and enjoy weekly Unifrog sessions from the January of the Lower Sixth year, building on the foundations set in Middle and Lower Schools. Students also enjoy protected curriculum time to begin their UCAS applications, and participate in two UCAS Mornings, which include Personal Statement workshops and a UCAS subject carousel. Upper Sixth students can access UCAS drop-in sessions weekly during the Christmas Term of Upper Sixth, and our UCAS team is on hand at other times to support students in all matters relating to the selection of, and application to, undergraduate degree courses. University visits are encouraged, with students encouraged to attend (a maximum of three during school hours) university Open Days.

All students in Lower Sixth receive a Post-18 Pathways Meeting during the summer term, which is designed to support decision-making around their post-18 options. Students are supported to identify their most appropriate post-18 pathway, via discussions with our Director of Academic Guidance & Administration. Support includes helping students with awareness of academic and vocational courses available to, and suitable for, the student, in conjunction with projected academic attainment and career aspirations.

Specialist support is offered to those students applying to the universities of Oxford or Cambridge, as well as those applying to read Medicine, Dentistry, or Veterinary Science, and is headed up by Dr S Foster, our Oxbridge and Medics Co-Ordinator. Students enrol on the Oxbridge and/or MedVet programmes in the Lower Sixth and receive specialist support, including access to top-level academics, invitations to lectures, and mock interviews. Support continues throughout the Sixth Form, with a programme of curricular and co-curricular sessions available.

We encourage our students to look to Europe, the USA and beyond when considering their next steps. Increasing numbers of our students are looking at overseas universities; they may want to stand out from the crowd, immerse themselves in a new culture, pursue sport or music at a high level or simply have an adventure. For any students considering applying to university outside the UK, bespoke one-to-one support is available from Ms L Rutherford, International Universities Co-ordinator.

University admissions support is not only available to current students, but also to former students. Members of our alumni community who decide to apply to university post-A Level results, or who decide to change course during their early years of study, are welcome to contact Mrs Chillcott, who will guide them through their applications: