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Virtual Fitness Challenge For Marie Curie

Solihull resident, Tommy Godwin, was a double medal winning cyclist in the 1948 London Olympics who, after a long and productive life in the world of cycling, passed the final months of his life under the care of Marie Curie West Midlands.  The Tommy Godwin charity was set up to honour this cycling hero and to raise vital funds to support Marie Curie.  Solihull School is delighted to be supporting this charity with our very own ‘virtual exercise mission’ following the route that Tommy rode from Lands End to John O’Groats  (932 miles) in the 1980s – the iconic ‘end to end’.

Is this challenge open to everyone?

This challenge is open to pupils, parents, staff, alumni and friends.

What does the challenge involve? Which forms of exercise count?

You will need to sign up to a website where we have set up the Lands End to John O’Groats challenge and pay an entry fee. Thereafter you log your exercise miles – this can be running, walking, cycling etc. (indoor or out) – and watch your progress on the route alongside other participants. You can log your miles manually or link your account to e.g. Strava, Garmin, Apple.  There are a number of features on the mission site to help motivate you such as a leaderboard and messages when you hit various milestones.

How long do I have to complete the challenge?

The challenge will launch on Friday 19th March but you can sign up at any time whilst the mission is ongoing. The aim is for most participants to finish by the end of summer term but we will keep the challenge open during the summer holidays in case you want to finish those last few hundred miles outside in warmer weather. Please do not be discouraged if you are lapped by Mr James or Mr Corbett who will possibly do the route twice!

I would like to take part but it is too far! Are there any other options?

It IS far but it wouldn’t be a challenge if it wasn’t. However, many people decide to enter these types of challenges as a team (of any number) so that the collective miles count towards the final destination. You might, for example, choose to enter as a family or a group of colleagues or parents who you know will help motivate you to get out exercising.  If you would like to enter as a team all you need to do is contact: with your team name and participants. Other members can be added to your team later if you wish.

The other option is to set yourself an intermediate goal. Milestones have been set, for example, at Solihull School, the half way point in the Lake District and the Scottish border. The most important outcome is to get fit, have fun and support a charity as you do so!

How much does it cost to take part? How much of this will support Marie Curie?

The standard entry fee is £25 per participant. The web hosting site ‘My Virtual Mission’ charges £6 administration per participant so the remainder will go directly to the Tommy Godwin Marie Curie Fund. At the checkout point there are options to pay a bigger entry fee to support the charity or a lower fee of £20 (you might choose this option if you have multiple participants per household or you are a pupil paying for yourself). In addition, you might choose to sponsorship for your huge exercise mission. You can set up your own fundraising page or use the Just Giving page which has been set up for this mission at:

All entrants who make it off the start line will receive a certificate and all finishers will receive a medal. All participants will be entered into a prize draw to receive some Tommy Godwin merchandise.

Prep School involvement

Whilst Prep School families are welcome to join in the virtual challenge, and we would be delighted for them to do so, we are already grateful for the wonderful support of Prep School pupils and families in our sponsored event for Children in Need in October (raising over £5,000) and we are also mindful that the Prep School are currently in the planning stages of their annual Charity Week, scheduled for later in the summer term.

I’m in! How do I sign up?

You have made your best decision of 2021 so far – thank you! You should go to

You will have to set up your account and make your payment. You can also choose to download an app which will allow you to log your miles more easily.  The mission will be ‘live’ and miles can be logged from 19th March.

Please note that this challenge is open to adults as well as children. Although your account is, of course private, we would suggest that child participants do not use their FULL NAME as their user name alongside a personal photo as this information will be viewable by other participants. For very young participants, a parent may decide to enter on their behalf.

I have more questions

For technical questions relating to your account, the app or linking your devices you will need to direct these to the My Virtual Mission team.

For any more general information – and also to send updates/photos on how you are getting on – please contact: