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Solihull School

Solihull School

Wellbeing & Personal Development

Our primary aims for every pupil in the Prep School are for them to be happy and fulfil their potential during their time with us. The skills we equip them with will continue to help them to live a happy and successful life, not only as they move into Senior School but beyond into their future. Our lives are unpredictable and sometimes difficult; by teaching skills such as mindfulness and resilience to our pupils, we intend to give them the tools to proactively deal with adversity whenever they come across it. Our Wellbeing & Personal Development programme has both the current and future happiness and potential of our pupils at its heart.   

Our pupils learn resilience skills from J1 to J4 using an adapted version of the Penn Resilience Programme, and they learn mindfulness from J2 to J4 through the Paws B and .breathe programmes. Staff have been specifically trained to teach both the Penn Resilience Programme and our mindfulness programmes, with a total of 11 teachers having received training in teaching mindfulness to primary aged children. We have many staff who have received Mental Health First Aid training, further strengthening our support of the wellbeing of our pupils. In WPD lessons we also cover all areas of government statutory guidance for PHSEE, from healthy eating to first aid.  

Overarching the two aims we have for every pupil in the Prep School - to be happy and to fulfil their potential during their time with us - is that they will also learn to use the very solid foundations that both aims afford for the benefit of others. Being happy and fulfilling our potential wouldn’t be worthy aspirations if achieving them was to the detriment of anybody else. On the contrary, learning how to be authentically happy and to fulfil our potential as individuals means we are in a very strong position to help others near and far. So finding personal fulfilment through contribution will, we hope, become a learned by-product of our school aims. Our Wellbeing and Personal Development programme contains all the elements we want your children to consider on that journey - a journey that will continue throughout their time in the Prep School. 

Wellbeing & Personal Development in the Prep School