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Solihull School

Solihull School

Workshops and Masterclasses

A programme of workshops and masterclasses by visiting professional musicians at various points during the year further enhances our pupils’ musical development and outlook. These are useful not only for pupils who play the instrument concerned but also for all engaged musicians as so many aspects of performance are common to all instruments.

Recently we have been privileged to welcome the following musicians to inspire our pupils:

2018/19 Jacqui Martens  (violin/viola)
Graeme Humphrey (piano)
Kathryn Page (piano)
Warwick Group Schools' Masterclass (piano)
Murray Greig (trumpet)
2017/18 Murray McLachlan & Kathryn Page (piano)
2016/17 Coull Quartet (strings)
The Nuance Quartet (saxophone)
Charles Owen (piano)
Roderick Williams (voice)
Luan Shaw (clarinet)
Peter Martens (cello)
2015/16 Charles Owen (piano)
Malcolm Garrett (drum kit)
Johanna Owens (clarinet & saxophone)
Voces 8 (choral)
Lior Kaminetsky (violin)
2014/15 Nigel Short (choral)
Peter Donohoe (piano)
Erin Headley (viola da gamba)
Luan Shaw (clarinet)
George Pooley (voice)