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Where Does The Time Go?

Starting the summer term of our final year has come as a bit of a surprise for the Upper Sixth. Time has flown by and now the exams are just four weeks away!
The Easter holidays were dominated by revision and the work is continuing into the last few weeks before study leave. Consequently the Sixth Form Centre is a lot quieter during free periods than before the holidays... Everyone's nerves are becoming increasingly real as a result of the need to confirm their University places for the upcoming year and it's clear that this has become a motivating factor for many people's upturn in their revision efforts. 
Les Misérables was a huge success and many of the cast are still reminiscing about the show. The five nights were sold out and it was a phenomenal experience to have performed in front of 2,500 people. For Joe (L) and Caroline it was our first and last musical and we loved every second of it. Poppy had taken part in last year’s Spamalot and Joe (P) is a regular in the orchestra pit. Hence it was a team effort from the Heads of School and we would definitely recommend doing at least one show to all pupils. 
When the UVI aren’t revising at present, leaving and prom has been at the forefront of discussion. Planning for our final assembly and last day at school is proving to be an exciting challenge and of course the Yearbook is eagerly awaited. Finally the four of us are also considering our speeches for the Leaver’s Assembly, as well as hastily preparing for our assembly next week on Opportunity, I think it's safe to say that the end of our time here at Solihull is certainly coming at us head on, but, I think it's clear that everyone in the Upper Sixth is keen to make these last few weeks as memorable and enjoyable as possible.
Best wishes to everyone with their upcoming revision and good luck for all exams this summer!
Joe, Poppy, Joe and Caroline x